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Intelligent Reminder Emails AI Managed Task- and ToDo Lists

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FranzAI leverages advanced AI to streamline your email workflows, saving you time and enhancing productivity, all for free.

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How to

How FranzAI Can Help You


Example 1

Add this email to my task list.

Example 2

Hubbies Birthday

Example 3

Is this email spam?

Example 4


Example 5

That's a long email...

Example 6

Features & Benefits


  • Automated Email Responses
  • Natural Language AI Interface
  • Reminder Setting and Management
  • Task List Organization


  • ⏱️ Save Time
  • 💼 Increase Productivity
  • 📧 Fast Task Managment
  • 🗂️ Stay Organized

About FranzAI

FranzAI is an intelligent email assistant that automates responses, sets reminders, and manages tasks using the latest GPT-4o technology. Free to use with limitations.

Bullet Points:

What the Free Version Offers

Exciting Pro Features Coming Soon

Send an email to [email protected] if you want to be on the waitlist for the pro version.

About FranzAI MVP

FranzAI is currently a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which means it's an early version of the product with limited features. As we continue to develop FranzAI, our goal is to enhance and expand its capabilities.

For now, we want to be transparent about a few key points:

We are committed to addressing these and other shortcomings as we move forward. If FranzAI gains traction, we will work diligently to enhance the product, update our terms of service, and improve our privacy policies.

Thank you for your patience and support during this development phase!


How does FranzAI work? FranzAI uses GPT-4o to analyze your emails and provide intelligent responses, set reminders, and manage tasks.

Is my data secure? We do not store email contents other than used for reminders. Everything else see the current MVP disclaimer.

Is it awesome? Yes, it is. At least Franz Enzenhofer, the creator thinks so.

Who wrote the code? The code was 100% written by ChatGPT itself, directed via lots of prompts by Franz Enzenhofer.

Try FranzAI for Free

Try FranzAI for Free